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VoIP has made huge strides forward in recent years. With the widespread availability of broadband Internet, VoIP has advanced dramatically and become a vital part of organizations. By enabling businesses to utilize voice communications via a computer network, VoIP has made communication easy and inexpensive. With VoIP, people can make international calls from anywhere in the world. The advantages that come with VoIP are immense. Many organizations and businesses make VoIP as their first, preferred choice for communication.

There are several advantages that businesses find extremely useful. Some of the most notable advantages include reduced overall costs, enhanced productivity, streamlined communication, easy accessibility of call records, and numerous other benefits. One of the best ways to avail of business VoIP services is through hosted IP telephony. Hosted IP telephony allows businesses to enjoy the great benefits which are associated with VoIP. Some of the best features that are associated with hosted IP telephony include automated attendant, unified communications, and call recording.

Automated attendant is one of the most popular features of VoIP business services. With automated attendant, users are provided with the option of accessing the service whenever they need it. This reduces the stress associated with managing your business contacts and enables you to focus on other aspects of your business.

Unified communications is another one of the top features of VoIP business services. Through unified communications, you are enabled with many features which allow you to effectively manage your business. For instance, with VoIP system you are enabled with phone number portability, call forwarding, receptionist, call screening, automatic redial, conference call, video conferencing, music calling and much more.

The third most popular VoIP feature is conference calling.

With VoIP business phone systems, you can easily join various seminars, meetings and workshops. You can also easily transfer files with the help of various tools such as PDF viewer, document viewer and others. Advanced conference calling provides you with many options to choose from such as auto-attendant, simultaneous ring, conference lock, simultaneous conversation and lock accept/reject. The auto-attendant allows you to enter a call automatically and rings the phone when an incoming call is finished. Conference lock is used in order to prevent teleconference call abuse.

Another best feature of VoIP business services is the ability to receive calls even when you are not in your office or home. VoIP phone service providers provide dedicated numbers which you can assign to receive calls. You can easily receive calls at any time and any day.

These are some of the most outstanding features of VoIP business phone systems. However, many companies offer additional services. Some providers offer additional features such as free VOIP calls to certain locations. These are considered to be extra fees by many companies.

Some providers allow you to manage your voice mail. They can also offer additional features such as call forwarding, caller ID, call waiting, call forwarding, call return, and voicemail to and from your cell phone. These are considered advanced call features. Some companies charge a monthly fee for their services. Other companies do not charge any monthly fee. Choose the best business phone service provider who can meet all your needs.

To find out the best business phone system, you need to assess your business needs first. Next, determine how much you are willing to spend for your VoIP phone systems. Some providers have reasonable price tags while others can be quite expensive. Most VoIP phone systems work well with standard analog phones. They are compatible with devices that are using ATA (analog telephone adapter) technology. Some other technologies also work well with these types of systems, including Bluetooth and USB technologies.

There are two different ways of configuring your VoIP phone system.

Some voip providers allow you to select the method by which you connect to the internet. With this feature, you can use the internet as an alternative to traditional analog telephony services. Other companies offer complete connectivity along with the option to use the internet for both calls and data transfer. This is considered the best way to configure the VoIP phone system.

Many people prefer a centralized voicemail system that allows them to retrieve their voicemail irrespective of whether they are on the go or not. To achieve this end, many providers now provide “business email” services that allow customers to manage their business emails from anywhere they are.

  • With a traditional phone service, you generally had to take your phone to the customer service center to receive your messages.
  • VoIP business phone services also allow you to add contacts to your voice message list so that you can send voice messages at any time.
  • In essence, you can manage your VoIP business phone services no matter where you are.