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A Texas State Fair is a beautiful place to visit. On the fairgrounds visitors can get a sampling of the many different kinds of live entertainment, attend demonstrations by craftsmen and fashion designers, watch large entertainers perform, or sample products and services from different companies.

Live entertainment at the fair is great fun for the entire family.

There are also numerous performance areas on the fairgrounds that provide hours of enjoyable live entertainment each evening. The Texas State Fair also features a number of educational activities and exhibits about local Texas history and various other subjects.

Toy Tents – Everyone enjoys seeing toys on display at fairs, but most people do not know what makes them tick. The Toy Tent Series is held at the fair on many of the days when there is no admission charge. Visitors can observe the manufacture of playthings from talented individuals in the toy industry.

Carnival Rides – Big rubber and cardboard are the theme of this fun carnival ride for all ages. Visitors can test their skills on the huge balloon-shaped ride, which rolls across the ground at high speeds. Guests on the ride also enjoy the exhilarating ride down the slide and the exciting finale.

Fashion Shows – For children of all ages, the fashion show at the fair is the perfect place to have their picture taken and meet their favorite celebrities. The fashion shows are presented at the Kids Zone at the fair. Kids can enjoy the design demonstrations, make their own fashion designs, or meet a famous celebrity fashion designer.

Car Shows – The fair does not only have car shows where cars can be viewed. It also has car shows for hot rods, trucks, motorcycles, and bob-tailed cruisers. It is one of the biggest automotive shows in the United States.

Doll Shows – During the fair, small hand-made dolls and stuffed dolls make appearances as well. Children and adults can view their handiwork as they make and assemble tiny figures from decorative materials. They can make a lasting impression at the fair with their handmade creations.

In addition to the live entertainment, there are many craft displays located throughout the fairgrounds.

Visitors can check out porcelain tea sets, handmade picture frames, collectible porcelain dolls, life-sized mini chocolates, custom doll accessories, and jewelry displays. Some of the craft displays are for children, while others are geared toward adults.

Entertainment – There are many performers on the fairgrounds. Young people can enjoy the popular performances by the performers’ teams. Others include comedians, musicians, dancers, magicians, and magicians.

Photo Ops – Visitors can take pictures of their friends and family on the fairgrounds. They can also snap pictures of the lively, yet peaceful atmosphere of the fair. It is an ideal way to share memorable moments with others.

Souvenirs – Every day at the fair, there are plenty of opportunities to pick up souvenirs. Children will enjoy choosing their own souvenirs, as adults will have lots of fun picking up souvenirs from visitors who care. The souvenirs range from coffee mugs, photo albums, and comic books to animals, coasters, and name tags.

When visiting the Texas State Fair, visitors should be sure to attend a number of the live events. Children enjoy the carnival rides, the toy tents, and the different art exhibit. Adults will have plenty of fun shopping for art and jewelry, participating in art demonstrations, or just enjoying the awesome food offered at the fair.